College Exposure Program

The DJCT College Exposure Program (CEP) is for high school-aged DJCT players/parents to help interested players get exposure and have a road-map for playing college soccer.  There are five primary things that we are doing as part of the College Exposure Program:

  1. College Recruiting Manual 
  2. College Info Night (late September/early October) – basically a thorough overview of the college recruiting process and how to get college coaches to watch you play.  ALL players wishing to participate in the program must attend and a parent should also attend.
  3. Individual and/or small group meetings for players and their parents.  This is ongoing as needed but only AFTER a player and/or parent has attended College Info Night.  We do these after College Info Night because many of the questions players and parents will have are addressed then.
  4. College coaches showcases.  Teams will start attending these either late fall or in the spring.
  5. College Coaches Night – April/early May.  It’s a directed panel discussion with 3-5 college coaches where all of the questions players have about the recruiting process will be addressed.


For more info about college scolarship click Here.