Lightning Safety Plan

Lightning Safety Plan

When will activities be stopped?
1. Games & practices will be stopped when a significant lightning threat, which extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles, is in the area.   

2. If lightning is seen, players will be cleared from the fields.

3. If thunder is heard, players will be cleared from the fields.

Where should people go for safety?
All players will be sent to vehicles immediately.  A hard-topped metal vehicle with the windows closed provides good protection. Avoid contact with metal in the vehicle and try to keep away from windows.  We will ask all cars on site to fit as many players as possible in this situation.  If a substantial building with wiring and plumbing is available, this will be the first and best option. 

When would activities be resumed?
The standard if you've seen lightning or heard thunder is to wait a minimum of 30 minutes (in a safe place) prior to getting back out on the fields (if you see more lightning or hear thunder, restart the 30 minutes).  DJCT coaches will instruct if practice/game is completely canceled or if players should wait in safe place for 30 minutes prior to resuming activities.

Who will monitor the weather and who decides when to stop activities?
DJCT coaches know the lightning poilicy and will decide when activities are stopped.