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Club Philosophy:
Play an attacking, creative and dynamic style of play based on possession of the ball and quality movement. Have a positive influence on all players’ development as a person & a player, always maintain the identity and values of the club.

-To have players have Fun playing soccer
-To improve all techniques and skills of every player
-To produce intelligent players - teach players to think
-To improve game understanding
-To give players a good foundation of knowledge/skills that is needed to advance in the sport

Honesty, Hard Work, Humble, Respect, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Commitment, Ambition, Responsibility, Integrity

The Dynamo Way for select players includes training the key areas of development with training sessions that provide the biggest impact on the players. We will look to cover the 6 R’s in our approach:
1. Releasing the Ball - passing, crossing & shooting
2. Receiving the Ball - 1st touch
3. Retaining the Ball - dribbling possession & turns
4. Running with the Ball - dribbling 1v1 moves
5. Running without the Ball - playing off the ball/angles of support
6. Regaining the Ball - defending/tackling