What is Got Soccer?


What is Got Soccer? 

A software system utilized by South Texas Youth Soccer Association and all the participating clubs to take in player and team registration through the clubs. It is also used to monitor background checks and registrations for all coaches and team managers. 

What is Got Sport?

It is Got Soccer but will show up as Got Sport on the URL. 

Got Soccer Accounts: 

Individual Player Account:

Every player will have an individual account and this account is used to register your player for DJCT or anywhere you may go that utilizes Got Soccer for club registration. This account will follow your player wherever he/she may go and will track their history in the soccer community. For information on an Individual Player Account, go to: Got Soccer Support. The Individual Player Account Handbook can be found HERE.

Family Account: 

This account is for families that have more than one child through Got Soccer. You can manage your entire family through this one account. For more information on a Family Account, go to: Got Soccer Support. The Family Account Manual can be found HERE

Modifying Payment Information:

If you need to update your billing information or change your payment option, then simply log onto your Individual Player Account or Family Account to do so. For more help on modifying your payment information please refer HERE


Q: I registered my player but it does not show the correct team name, how do I fix that?
A: Once you register your player and submit payment, then the club will assign your player to the correct team. 

Q: I registered my player but it shows he/she as a player of an existing club, how do I fix that? 
A: Once you register your player and submit payment, then the club will import your player to DJCT. 

Q: I am coming from another club to DJCT, do I need to make a new Got Soccer account?
A: No, use your existing Got Soccer account to register with DJCT and once that is done we can import you to DJCT. 

Q: How can I see my upcoming payments and balances?
A: Simply log onto your Individual Player or Family Account and it will show you all your upcoming payments and due dates. 

Q: I am typing in the correct user name and password but it is not allowing me to log into Got Soccer, what is wrong? 
A:  You need to make sure you log into the CORRECT user log in. For example: Family Account through the Family Log In and Individual Player Account through the Individual Player Log In. 

Q: How can I register for DJCT? 
A: You will have to receive an email with an invitation and the direct link to register your player(s).